Gaming headlines include: Facebook Introduces Gaming Creator Pilot Program, Nintendo Confirms New Super Mario Movie and Anchorage Man Attacks Roommate With Master Sword. Plus, a co-creator of the one of the largest and most popular esports has been arrested on charges of child exploitation. Continue reading

Gaming headlines include: Microsoft Doubles Down on Game Pass, God of War Release Date Announced, and Guild Wars 2 Developers Donate to Player Who Lost Her Home In Fire. Plus, The FEC Crew detail some of the finer…and uglier sides of trash talking in the age of the internet. Continue reading

Gaming headlines include: Steam purges Pepe emoticons after copyright complaint, popular streamer Dr Disrespect takes time off after being unfaithful to his wife, and Star Citizen is never coming out. Plus, the crew discusses the real truth behind Net Neutrality and how it’s actually going to affect America going forward. Continue reading

Gaming headlines include: Epic Games suing two individuals over Fortnite cheats, Russia reportedly used Pokémon Go in an effort to inflame racial tensions, plus FEC talks about what it takes to survive in a world with so much content generation and also revisits the Rape Tavern of Azeroth… Continue reading

Gaming Headlines Include: Video Game Companies Reach ‘Tentative’ agreement to end voice actor strike, Assassin’s Creed: Origins will have a tourist mode, more major names investing in Esports and Fortnite’s battle royale mode gets off to strong start. Plus, the crew discusses the notoriety surrounding WoW’s ‘Rape Tavern’. Hold onto your butts, this gets bumpy. Continue reading

Gaming headlines include: Final Fantasy XIII’s Lightning is now shilling for Nisan, BioWare builds a maze for Anthem, and Galaga is getting turned into an animated series. Plus, With Nate away on vacation this weekend, everything is awful. Like Pokefest and Screen Sniping. Tune in now. Continue reading

Gaming headlines include: Saudi Arabia plays host to it’s very first Comic Con, A furry MMO that’s now 20 years old, and getting banned in Club Penguin is now a speed running challenge. Plus, the crew talks more PewDiePie with special guest Norris of Checkpoint Radio, who plays Devil’s advocate to Nate. Continue reading

Gaming headlines include: Battle details of Pokemon Go, Square-Enix looks backwards for their future, and 8 people have been arrested in connection with match fixing in e-sports. Plus, with new generations of gamers being raised everyday, what does the future look like for the OGs? Continue reading