Gaming Headlines Include: Namco founder Masaya Nakamura dies at 91, all the announcements from the Final Fantasy 30th Anniversary event and a jury awards Zenimax half a billion dollars in Oculus lawsuit. Plus, infamous for their scuzzy tactics, GameStop comes under fire once again by just about everyone. Find out why within. Continue reading


GameStop’s quarterly earnings call this afternoon covered the company’s financial results after the closure of their Puerto Rican stores, and a less prominent games slate for the first quarter.

Sales dropped a total of 4.3 percent to $1.97 billion, and hardware sales dropped 28.8 percent. On an earnings call with investors, a GameStop representative attributed this drop in sales to a comparatively weaker slate of releases in the first quarter of 2016.

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The announcement earlier this year that Ratchet & Clank developer Insomniac Games would be working with retailer GameStop on its latest game may have caught some by surprise. A retailer-development arrangement is not very common. But it turns out GameStop has bold plans in the publishing space.

The company today announced a publishing label called “GameTrust.” It’s not just Insomniac that has signed up, either, as other independent developers including The Order: 1886 developer Ready at Dawn, Tequila Works (Deadlight, Rime), and Frozenbyte (Trine series) are among the initial partners.

GameTrust is not to be thought of as a traditional publisher, GameStop VP of Internal Development & Diversification Mark Stanley told GameSpot in a recent interview. He explained that GameStop will not have any form of creative control over the games and studios it works with.

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