Gaming headlines include: News from Gamescom 2017, what the hell was that Shenmue III trailer and the SNES Classic sells out in microseconds Plus, an interesting statistic about Final Fantasy XV has surfaced and the hosts break down what exactly it means. Continue reading

Gaming headlines include: Sony adding 2 step verification to PSN accounts, Nintendo wants to clear up confusion around the NX by saying nothing, and Dark Souls III announces it’s first DLC due out in October. Plus, the gang talks about Final Fantasy XV and it’s tumultuous release. Continue reading


Can’t get enough of Final Fantasy? The Final Fantasy Trading Card Game is definite must for the ultimate Final Fantasy fan! Coming this September 2016, Opus I will launch in Europe. Sorry, North America! I’m sure that will not stop the ultimate fan in buying this TCG. There is already a petition to bring this TCG in North America!

Per the website, there are 186 cards to collects, a booster pack, and three starter sets, FFVII (Fire & Earth), FFX (Wind & Water), and FFXIII (Ice & Lightning).


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This was discussed on Final Encounter Cast Episode 21.

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Square Enix has confirmed Final Fantasy XII: The Zodiac Age will be making its way to the West as well exclusively for PlayStation 4. As an added bonus, the game will be made playable on the E3 2016 show floor. The company has also released an English version trailer, which we’ve linked along with an official run down of the game’s features and staff listing below.

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This was discussed on Final Encounter Cast Episode 21.

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