Gaming headlines include: BioWare rumored to be working on new Dragon Age title, a man earns 1200 Playstation trophies but is mad at Sony and Square-Enix’s next RPG is looking to fix ‘I Am Setsuna’s’ flaws. Plus, the hosts talk about the nature of the Collectors Edition and pre-order culture. Tune in for your exclusive! Continue reading

Gaming Headlines Include: Live action Cowboy Bebop series gets confirmed, thieves steal data for Cyberpunk 2077 from CD Projekt Red, and Konami attempts to screw former employees in the worst ways possible. Plus, after a week off the FEC crew is back! And this episode is all about E3! Continue reading

Gaming Headlines Include: Nintendo confirms no major E3 event and randomly announced 2DS XL, Atlus relaxes rules around streaming Persona 5, teen becomes Overwatch Pro despite parents taking internet away. Plus, FEC talks about DBZ Abridged and it’s storied history with Youtube. Continue reading

Gaming Headlines Include: Twitch introduces two new subscription tiers, Star Wars Battlefront II’s single player campaign is canon, and Nintendo discontinues NES classic, announces SNES mini. Plus, Nate experiences joy for the first time on air since the creation of time. Want to know why? Tune in. Continue reading