Episode 60 – Atlus Shrugged

Gaming Headlines Include: Blizzard wins lawsuit victory over cheat maker Bossland, Nickelodeon revives Invader Zim for new movie, Microsoft bans emulators from Windows store. Plus, Microsoft has reveal its specs for the Scorpio. But with it be enough to make XBox great again?

Episode 58 – Why The #YouTubePartyIsOver

Gaming headlines include: Mass Effect Andromeda sparks controversy, production to end on the Playstation 3 and the original Ghost In The Shell Creator has no problem with Hollywood remake or casting. Plus, YouTube is about to hit it’s breaking point. What does this mean for content creators? Tune in to find out.

Episode 57 – Select Difficulty

Gaming headlines include: Why meme generators are a bad idea for movie promotion, Microsoft recalls controllers due to fire risk and D&D is getting a new app. Plus, the FEC Crew tackle a long-running trend in gaming: ease of difficulty – and ask how it happened and if it’s ultimately a good or bad thing.

Episode 56 – Rated R for Raunchy

Gaming Headline Include: The latest news from PAX East 2017, Nintendo issues DMCA Takedown on YouTuber using Switch sound, and Twitch gets it’s own Desktop app, and it’s WAY cooler than you think. Plus, With the success of Logan and Deadpool, what will R Ratings do for future nerd flicks?

Episode 55 – Switch Hit

Gaming Headlines Include: Zelda: Breath of the Wild getting stellar reviews, Horizon: Zero Dawn includes Death Stranding easter eggs, and Ghost Recon’s real life diplomatic incident. Plus, GDC took place this weekend and the hosts have a round-up of some of the goings on, plus Nate gets a small taste of what the Switch has to offer. Nika goes hungry.

Episode 53 – PewDEADPie

Gaming headlines include: American takes 1st place a DDR World Championship, Pokemon Go Pokedex expands officially with Gen 2 Pokemon, and Netflix quietly announces a Castlevania series. Plus, IS PEWDIEPIE REALLY A NAZI!? Or is the dialogue we should be having much, mucher bigger than that?