Episode 68 – Epilogue to E3

Gaming Headlines Include: Live action Cowboy Bebop series gets confirmed, thieves steal data for Cyberpunk 2077 from CD Projekt Red, and Konami attempts to screw former employees in the worst ways possible. Plus, after a week off the FEC crew is back! And this episode is all about E3

Episode 67 – Relegation is Dead

Gaming Headlines Include: Square-Enix puts out calls for developers for Final Fantasy 7 remake, Nintendo making more units of The Switch and Uzbekistan bans upwards of 34 games. Plus, changes coming to League of Legends that is so big, it could change the face of esports.

Episode 62 – FEC Abridged

Gaming Headlines Include: Nintendo confirms no major E3 event and randomly announced 2DS XL, Atlus relaxes rules around streaming Persona 5, teen becomes Overwatch Pro despite parents taking internet away. Plus, FEC talks about DBZ Abridged and it’s storied history with Youtube.

Episode 60 – Atlus Shrugged

Gaming Headlines Include: Blizzard wins lawsuit victory over cheat maker Bossland, Nickelodeon revives Invader Zim for new movie, Microsoft bans emulators from Windows store. Plus, Microsoft has reveal its specs for the Scorpio. But with it be enough to make XBox great again?