Gaming headlines include: Microsoft Doubles Down on Game Pass, God of War Release Date Announced, and Guild Wars 2 Developers Donate to Player Who Lost Her Home In Fire. Plus, The FEC Crew detail some of the finer…and uglier sides of trash talking in the age of the internet. Continue reading

Gaming headlines include: Nintendo Replaces Help Line With Guide on Googling, Pokemon RPG Looks to Release in 2018 and Youtube introduces stricter requirements for partners. Plus, the end of January is a smorgasbord of beta’s, the crew brings you the skinny on Dissidia, Metal Gear Survive and Monster Hunter World. Continue reading

Gaming headlines include: Trump Lauds Delivery of F-52s to Norway, Pokemon GO to end support for Apple Devices that cant run iOS11, and Dark Souls: Remastered Coming to Switch. Plus, Fanboys across the globe were ecstatic about the Disney\Fox buyout, but what dangers does the merger pose? Continue reading