Gaming headlines include: Star Wars Battlefront II’s multiplayer has been brought back from the dead, Former Square-Enix employee arrested for allegedly stocking up game consoles for resale, and Destiny 2 Players discover humorously elaborate raid exploit. Plus, thoughts and discussions on Bethesda’s Wonfenstien II: The New Colossus and their #NoMoreNazis campaign.

Bethesda has really ramped up their PR for the newest installment of Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus with the hashtag #NoMoreNazis. The move came with the unexpected “backlash” to the game from certain people (read: Nazis). It’s erupted into a very interesting (and frankly scary) conversation about the nature of video games and politics. Things get very, very heated and passionate in this week’s Final Encounter Cast. Other headlines include; Fortnite Battle Royal mode hitting 7 Million Players, Sony losing a key player after 27 years of service and Destiny’s 2 interesting way of determining it’s first DLC.

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