Gaming headlines include: BioWare rumored to be working on new Dragon Age title, a man earns 1200 Playstation trophies but is mad at Sony and Square-Enix’s next RPG is looking to fix ‘I Am Setsuna’s’ flaws. Plus, the hosts talk about the nature of the Collectors Edition and pre-order culture. Tune in for your exclusive!

Artbooks, Lithographs, Pendants, Play Art Figures and more on this episode of Final Encounter Cast! No, you can’t get any of those from us, but depending on the game and the amount of cash you fork over it could all be yours! But is it right? When is enough enough? $800 Assassin’s Creed? 10 MILLION DOLLARS DYLING LIGHT?! The hosts talk about the nature of Collectors Editions and whether or not the industry is better for it. Other headlines include; A New Dragon Age game could be on the horizon, Star Fox 2 will see a release 22 years after it’s cancellation and guess which triple A title isn’t getting ANY DLC.

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