Blizzard Announces StarCraft Remastered

March 26, 2017

Today, Blizzard announced that its hit real time strategy game StarCraft be getting remastered. It will be called, well, StarCraft Remastered no less and is due out this summer for PC.

This new version of StarCraft will feature 4K graphics and cutscenes that run at 1080p. Additionally, the game’s audio will be receiving a massive upgrade. Graphics and sound aren’t the only thing that will be brought into 2017, though. StarCraft Remastered will also support online multiplayer play through – which is now known as the Blizzard App. This will allow players of similar skill to face off against one another in a way that the original game never allowed.

If you’re worried that the original gameplay of StarCraft will be altered in this new version of the game, then you can breathe easy. Blizzard has confirmed that while there will be many changes coming to Remastered, tweaks to the gameplay will not be among the alterations. “Updated graphics, modern amenities, and other new features won’t matter if we ruin gameplay,” said Classic Games senior producer Pete Stillwell.

Source: Dualshockers

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