Gaming headlines include: Why meme generators are a bad idea for movie promotion, Microsoft recalls controllers due to fire risk and D&D is getting a new app. Plus, the FEC Crew tackle a long-running trend in gaming: ease of difficulty – and ask how it happened and if it’s ultimately a good or bad thing.

Gone are the days of old when games would wreck you on a spiritual level with thier difficulty. Nowadays people play for the story, or have choices between easy, normal or hard. What happened? How did games like Dark Souls become a niche? Find out what the hosts think along with other headlines such as; Dungeons and Dragons teams up with curse to deliver a new-age app, a little known Overwatch team is making big waves at the APEX and Jason Mamoa is set to bring the action in a Just Cause movie.

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One comment on “Episode 57 – Select Difficulty

  1. Carboe Al'Kali Mar 22, 2017

    Shinning Force 1 & 2 are easily the most underrated SRPG’s made.
    It’s the only strategy game that managed to skirt the RPG line as closely as they did.
    Open world to explore. What other SRPG has this. None. One of my all time favorites. Too bad the series was murdered with sub par action games.

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