Gaming headlines include: Saudi Arabia plays host to it’s very first Comic Con, A furry MMO that’s now 20 years old, and getting banned in Club Penguin is now a speed running challenge. Plus, the crew talks more PewDiePie with special guest Norris of Checkpoint Radio, who plays Devil’s advocate to Nate.

Part 2 of the PewDiePie dialogue gets a bit hotter as Norris provides an excellent foil to Nate’s argument. The debate goes from the legitimacy of PewDiePie’s joke, to his subtleness or lack thereof as well as the context surrounding content and your audience. Other headlines include, legislation that could make it easier and cheaper to repair your consoles and how your favorite video game companies are fighting it. Plus, GameStop changes their circle of life program and $10,000 worth of SNES games are returned safely.

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