Gaming headlines include: Mining the latest Pokemon Go! APK, Total Biscuit lends his voice to Starcraft II and the Nintendo Switch to launch without critical feature? Plus, 5 Time CS:GO World Champion and Founder of MissClicks, Miss Harvey joins FEC to talk about women’s representation in video games.

This past weekend saw an unprecedented turnout when thousands of men and women marched all over the world in support of equality. So, this week the crew talks about women in gaming. We hear a firsthand report from our very own Nika who was in the D.C. rally as well as Stephanie Harvey 5 time Counter Strike World Champion as well as founder of MissClicks, a group dedicated to furthering representation of women in gaming culture and the gaming industry. MissHarvey joins us for an exclusive interview! Plus, the latest gaming headlines: World of Warcraft Vanilla servers taken down AGAIN, Pokemon GO API data hints to new content and an internet star passes away to the rainbow bridge in the sky…

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