Super Mario Run at $5 Million Revenue and Downloads

December 18, 2016

“Super Mario Run,” Nintendo’s first-ever game for the iPhone, has already generated more than $5 million in revenue during the first 24 hours after its release Thursday, according to estimates from mobile app store optimization company Sensory Tower.

The game has also been downloaded more that 5 million times during that time frame, according to Sensory Tower. It is currently leading Apple’s download charts in 80 countries, and is the top-grossing iPhone app in 32 countries.

“Super Mario Run” is free to download, but users have to pay $9.99 to access all of the game’s levels. That price tag, combined with the fact that even the paid levels can be mastered rather quickly, has caused for some backlash from users, which is reflected in the game’s ratings: With more than 32,000 reviews, “Super Mario Run” is currently rated three stars on average.

“Super Mario Run” has been compared to “Pokemon Go,” which was a mobile gaming breakout this summer, with many estimating that “Super Marion Run” will do a lot better in the coming weeks than the Pokemon-themed game did at launch.

However, the comparison doesn’t quite hold up: “Pokemon Go” was rolled out slowly, launching in a few countries at a time. “Super Mario Run” on the other hand became simultaneously available in over 150 countries Wednesday.

Source: MSN

Check out some gameplay!

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One comment on “Super Mario Run at $5 Million Revenue and Downloads

  1. Siddharth Dec 21, 2016

    sounds cool. but no android version of the game. :/

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