Gaming headlines include: Taking a look at the 2016 Video Game Awards, the latest announcements from Playstation Experience 2016 and reactions to the new Death Stranding trailer. Plus, the biggest RPG release in the last 10 years has finally come to a head. Was it worth the wait?

This past week PlayStation Experience dropped a few juicy bits, including Marvel v Capcom Infinite and the Last of Us 2. Plus the VGA’s made a splash with an industry icon award for Kojima, but wasn’t without it’s shading dealings in relation to fan made games. But the real meat and potatoes comes with the release of Final Fantasy XV and the question burning in everyone’s minds: was it worth the wait?

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One comment on “Episode 43 – Final Fantasy Finally

  1. Honestly, I can understand why XV didn’t have as much ambient dialogue. If there is one thing people complain about in open world games, its characters not shutting up, most people tune out the dialogue, which in this case is detrimental to really immersing yourself in the relationship of these four guys.

    Besides, the sidequests, and campquests you get with individual characters more than makes up for it with me for dialogue between the party. Hell, having more subtle, nuanced conversations outside of dramatic happenings is something I welcome in FF.

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