Gaming headlines include: Titanfall 2 stokes console wars for the dumbest possible reason, we check out trailers for a new Power Rangers side scroller, the Legends of the Hidden Temple reboot and “gameplay” of the Metal Gear Solid pachinko slot, and the Outlast 2 demo is out on Steam but only for a limited time. Plus, a discussion about shiny Pokemon.

We have a shorter show than normal today because we’re in the process of getting ready for our trip to Las Vegas later this week, so today’s show focuses on the most recent gaming headlines including the No Man’s Sky subreddit that shut down due to its toxicity, Gears of War will be seeing a movie soon and the latest in E-sports news. Plus, the crew has a quick discussion about shiny Pokemon and whether keeping suspected hacked shiny’s is ethical. A reminder Final Encounter Cast will be taking a break next week because we’ll be in Las Vegas.

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