Gaming headlines include: Pokemon GO updates fix more than you think, YouTube is making a video game talk show, and Blizzard drops Plus, Rolling Stone recently wrote an article asking if Final Fantasy can escape it own past, or if it’s doomed to the mercy of Nostalgia. FEC weighs in.

After 10+ years worth of development and multiple missteps, Final Fantasy XV has Square-Enix in a very precarious position. It has people not only questioning the game, but the company as well. The Final Encounter Cast crew look at the history of Square-Enix as a developer and do their best to asses the situation as fans of the franchise and the developer. Using a recent Rolling Stone article, they debate if it’s even possible for Square-Enix to make a great game anymore. Plus, discussions about such topics as Pokemon GO, Muggers, Overwatch Sexy Time and how Street Fighter 5 just can’t catch a damn break.

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