Gaming headlines include: A brand new Batman mobile game let’s you play the villains, competative Smash Bros play Christian ‘Hyuga’ Medina loses sponsorship over sexual harassment, and Square-Enix and Sony face off in Overwatch! Plus, a discussion about the latest developments in Pokemon Go and the shuttering of it’s most popular tool PokeVision.

Final Encounter Cast returns from their week off and are excited to talk more about the biggest game in the world right now: Pokemon Go. Niantic released an update to the game this past weekend that has fans of the game furious by disabling third party trackers like the now defunct PokeVision while simultaneously not fixing or addressing the infamous “three step” glitch. Plus, news about J.R.R. Tolkien’s The Silmarillion being made into a series, some disturbing news out of Evo regarding a Smash Bros player and a Heroes of the Storm player goes to jail over internet threats.

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