Gaming headlines include: Pokemon Go launches and the crew share their thoughts on the popular mobile game, YouTuber MatPat gives The Pope a copy of Undertale, and Street Fighter V at EVO will be broadcast on ESPN2! Also, our discussion on Game of Thrones. Spoiler warning!

This week marked the launch of Pokemon Go and, surprisingly, the whole crew including Nate have been diligently filling out their Pokedex’s. While we will certainly have a full episode about Pokemon Go coming up, this covers our initial reactions to what is certainly the most popular phone game ever released. Other headlines include Street Fighter V’s EVO tournament being broadcast on ESPN2, Blizzard is suing a well known cheat maker, and YouTuber MatPat gives a copy of Undertale to The Pope for it’s themes of mercy. For our discussion this week: Game of Thrones! We talk about the dramatic 6th season of the show, the revelations it brought to light and some fan theories about the story’s future direction. Is Tyrion also a Targaryan? What is the Curse of King Robert? Is Varys a merman? Find out on today’s show!

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