Gaming headlines include: Sony bans a PSN account for the dumbest reason possible, Kojima tries to explain whether Death Stranding will have multiplayer or not, and a Seattle woman successfully sues Microsoft for upgrading her computer to Windows 10 without her permission. Also, Final Symphony tickets and Boss Ass Music. Lube up your ear holes.

This episodes news articles include some pretty controversial topics including one PSN user who was banned for using his ‘first name’ in his account name, two (possible three or four) lawsuits and Twitches new ‘Social Eating’ channel. Nate also grabs an amazing interview with Eckehard Stier conductor from the Final Symphony and gives out some free tickets. Tune in for your chance to win a pair of tickets to the San Francisco showing. Finally, the cast wraps up the show sharing some of their favorite video game renditions of songs in a new segment known as Boss Ass Music.

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