Gaming headlines include: Metal Gear Solid news, hints at a possible Chrono Trigger remake, and PayPal refuses to refund a Twitch donation troll. Plus, E3 is just around the corner and everyone is chomping for some juicy news…what can we expect?

The crew is down a Nika and a Kali today, but that stop the terribly terrific trio from laying bare all they know and except from the E3. While giant software companies like Microsoft and Sony will likely be leading with VR, exactly what does Nintendo have planned? Plus, does Bethesda have an ace up their sleeve? Fallout 4 is still fresh and Elder Scrolls seems a ways out. This week’s headlines get down right dirty as a teen is being sued for a snapchat related incident, Blizzard bans thousands of Overwatch cheaters and one twitch viewer loses $50,000 in an attempt to troll.

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