Gaming headlines include: GameStops’s rising toy sales, some super impressive Dark Souls III challenge playthroughs and a look at Racoon City from Capcom and Mighty No 9. Plus, a recent exchange on Twitter (surprise!) results in a LOT of FEC expletives. Like, seriously, a lot.

A few days ago MancZombie tweeted out their thoughts onthe topic of “mansplaining” and Notch, creator of the wildly popular Minecraft, responded in kind with his own thoughts. As it always does, a spark ignited a twitter conflict that resulted in the greatest pun slam of all time. That’s all you really need to know right? If not, tune in as the crew breaks down the situation and opens doors into a deeper discussion about the ideas of language and what causes offense. In addition: The Overwatch Pornhub Saga draws to it’s inevitable conclusion, The Power Rangers movies are looking at quite a bit more than just a trilogy and TPain joins Twitch and brings with him some very warming gamer pride.

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