Gaming headlines include: Tetris is getting a movie, Pokken outsells Street Fighter V, and Blizzard gets tough with Overwatch cheaters. Plus, the Fair Use battle has come to an ugly head and now we realize, this is just the beginning. And a discussion about fan made content.

The terrifying story that no one is really talking about — Fox uses a clip from a video game, then copy rights it and issues DMCA takedowns on all the original videos contents. Could this set a dangerous precedent going forward? What ways do content creators have to fight back? Is there any home or way to protect their work if larger entities can copyright it? Find out what the Final Encounter Crew has to say. Other notable headlines include; Nintendo looking to make movies using their IPs, Pornhub combining sex and science to create the best workout plan ever; BANGFIT, and have you ever wondered just how big of a failure Street Fighter V was? Because Pokken Tournament has an idea…

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