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Record producer, songwriter, rapper and Auto-Tune enthusiast T-Pain joined Twitch earlier this week, and while he spent a night playing the new Doom, the musician has since found his game of choice: Overwatch, which he’s spent several hours livestreaming this week.

Fans of songs like “Buy U a Drank,” hero-based shooters, celebrity Twitch streams and all of the above have filed in to watch T-Pain play Overwatch. Some have even had the chance to join his group or play some rounds against him. Throughout the streams, viewers have learned more about T-Pain’s gaming history (like how he spent over $10,000 while playing Madden NFL), fondness for Twitch and plans to cosplay as Overwatch characters at future TwitchCon events.

But in his latest broadcast, seen above, T-Pain goes deeper. Around the one-hour, 46-minute mark, the rapper gets real about how he finally feels able to revel in his true, game-loving self.

“For many years, I’ve been led to believe that we should all be hiding the fact that we’re gamers,” he says. According to him, the music industry has stifled his love of video games over the years, considering the hobby “uncool.”

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Long before they professionally parted ways, longtime collaborators Lil Wayne and Birdman used to bet thousands of dollars on video games.

Florida rapper T-Pain spilled the beans about his rapper buddies during a live stream of “Doom” on Twitch, an online community used by video gamers.

“Let me tell you how rich n—-s are… when I used to be in the studio with Lil Wayne and Birdman, (They) would bet money on $10,000 a game on (NFL) Madden and they would just let the computer play,” he said in the stream. “I thought that was the most balling-ish s–t.”

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We recently came up with seven ways that Doom could be more metal. I present you now with an eighth: Doom for Doom, or as the cool kids like to call it, D4D, a mod that brings the weapons of nü-Doom into the 1993 original.

It’s still very much a work in progress—only the pistol and shotgun alt-fires have been implemented at this point—but even at this early stage it looks pretty fantastic. Co-creator DBThanatos said on the ZDoom forums that he “tried to respect the firing times of Doom 4, but also balance them to Doom,” which makes the weapons feel even faster than the normally are.

Beyond the weapons, he said he wants to upgrade the gore—“not BD [Brutal Doom] levels of gore, but enough to satisfy my needs”—and may opt for something like dual shotguns in lieu of alt-fires. If there’s enough call for it (and right now there seems to be), he may also release a “weapons only” version that doesn’t make any other changes.

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A Redditor by the name of Spornm, who uses the Source Filmmaker to make his movies, posted an image of a message he received from Pornhub, which removed one of his videos after it was sent a notification of infringement. He said he’d had a second video taken down for the same reason, and linked to an image of yet another takedown notice, for a different video (created by someone else) that had been sent to Gfycat.

As PCGamesN points out, the Gfycat takedown comes not from Blizzard, but from Irdeto, a “digital platform security” company that works with “pay-media operators, content creators, software application providers and connected device manufacturers to protect valuable digital assets.” It’s possible, I suppose, that Irdeto has taken the initiative on this without Blizzard’s knowledge, but the greater likelihood is that Blizzard has contracted the company to get this kind of thing off the net.

The Street Fighter franchise has a colourful and quirky cast of characters, from an Indian yoga practitioner with stretchy limbs to a man that dresses as a skeleton and fights crimes. Among them all, however, there are two mysterious figures that very little has been known about, until now that is.

25 years after Street Fighter 2 hit arcades, Capcom has finally revealed the identities of the first two characters you’d see when playing the game.

In a post on the Street Fighter subreddit, Capcom confirmed the two gentlemen duking it out in front of a cheering crowd are Max and Scott. For those who need a refresher, take a look at them in the video.

A Japanese financial report seems to point to a new Nintendo handheld console codenamed the MH.

Pointed out on NeoGAF, a business analysts at Mitsubishi UFJ Morgan Stanley summary (syndicated by Yahoo Japan finance) on Nintendo’s current business practices claims to out the existence of the new hardware. The translation reads:

“The driving force up until now has been new business from “health services, theme parks and mobile games etc”, but will switch over to the next generation game system (NX) and next-gen handheld game device (MH (temporary name)).”

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Endemol Shine Studios, the scripted division of Endemol Shine North America, has acquired the action-adventure video game property Mirror’s Edge to adapt for television as a female-centered action series.

Developed by EA DICE and published by Electronic Arts, Mirror’s Edge is set in a quasi-futuristic dystopian society in which a network of “runners” act as couriers to transmit messages while evading government surveillance. The game’s main character and heroine is Faith, a runner and skilled warrior whose sister is framed for murder. The narrative follows Faith as she is drawn into the fight against the ruling Conglomerate and becomes enveloped in a conspiracy that could bring down society itself.

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GameStop’s quarterly earnings call this afternoon covered the company’s financial results after the closure of their Puerto Rican stores, and a less prominent games slate for the first quarter.

Sales dropped a total of 4.3 percent to $1.97 billion, and hardware sales dropped 28.8 percent. On an earnings call with investors, a GameStop representative attributed this drop in sales to a comparatively weaker slate of releases in the first quarter of 2016.

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Machine Zone operates one of the most successful mobile video game franchises in the world: “Game of War.” For its next trick, it will dramatically improve the efficiency of New Zealand’s public transportation system.

The maker of free-to-play video games is leveraging the technology it uses to match players within its digital worlds to create solutions for complex real-world problems, like allocating money for advertisement buying or helping cities improve bus schedules.

“Machine Zone is really a real-time technology company. We’ve been focusing on many-to-many, kind of massive environments where millions of people can interact with each other at once,” Gabe Leydon, Machine Zone founder and CEO, told CNBC’s “Squawk Box” on Thursday.

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