Gaming headlines include: Battle details of Pokemon Go, Square-Enix looks backwards for their future, and 8 people have been arrested in connection with match fixing in e-sports. Plus, with new generations of gamers being raised everyday, what does the future look like for the OGs?

The Crew weighs in on some of the recent headlines in gaming such as; SE’s plans to continue remaking classics, Runescape getting a long overdue makeover and a handful of Starcraft players facing criminal charges. However, the real discussion starts when Nate posits the question, “When we become older and every age group has a stake in gaming, who caters to the older generation?” What happens when you’re arthritis prevents you from player fighters? Or when your sight and reflexes falters in Dark Souls? It sounds like a silly question, but FEC has a talk about how we, as the original pioneers of gaming, will play in our golden years.

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