Gaming headlines this week include: Blizzard’s controversial decision to remove Tracers “butt pose” from Overwatch, Fallout 4’s Far Harbor DLC, Nintendo employee Allison Rapp gets canned and is also a creep, and Grand Theft Auto 6 is in development. Plus, the crews thoughts on Final Fantasy XV: Uncovered.

Everyone on the Final Encounter Cast crew are big Final Fantasy fans, so we knew we would have to talk about the Final Fantasy XV: Uncovered event. What we didn’t know is just how much info Square-Enix would dump on us! A movie, an anime, a new demo, Hollywood acting talent and tons more! Most of the FEC crew has been pretty cynical about Final Fantasy XV, let’s see if this changed their tune! Also, the latest gaming headlines including Grand Theft Auto 6, Overwatch removes a characters butt pose because of player criticisms, and super creep Allison Rapp gets fired from Nintendo, and if Twitter has you believing it’s because “she’s a woman”: think again.

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