Gaming headlines this week include: Sony PS VR, Microsoft reaching across the digital divide to bridge console locked online play, Warcraft gets a new patch, and new life for the old MMO Final Fantasy XI. Plus, A Twitch Stream caught in the midst of a shady divorce and reviewers undergoing a Inquisition…what more do you need from a show? Continue reading


The PlayStation 4 is only a little over two years old, but Sony is reportedly working on a new version of the console with more graphics power and support for 4K resolution in games, Kotaku reports.

Sources told Kotaku’s Patrick Klepek that Sony has begun briefing developers about a new PlayStation 4 with a beefed-up graphics processor that’s capable of pushing 4K resolution for games and better overall processing power.

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We can sense how cheerful you become every time you see a Final Fantasy game on our website. We don’t blame you, it is a brilliant franchise that offers some of the best RPG titles to be found on mobile. Today, we want to talk about Final Fantasy XI, an MMORPG that was originally released in 2002 for PC, Xbox 360, and PlayStation 2. Square Enix & Nexon are working on bringing this game to iOS & Android and we believe it will be first released this year in Japan & South Korea, and then worldwide. To clear any confusion, this is a different game from Final Fantasy Grandmasters which is a Final Fantasy XI spin-off.

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With one announcement, the animation software game may have changed forever. Toonz, the software used by Studio Ghibli to produce films like The Tale of the Princess Kaguya, Howl’s Moving Castle, Ponyo and The Wind Rises,will be made free and open source to the animation community beginning March 26, 2016.

The deal, which could have a potentially profound impact on the animation industry, was made possible after Japanese publisher Dwango acquired the Toonz software from Italian tech company Digital Video, which has been producing the animation package since 1993.

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Two of the biggest Japanese online games, it appears, are collaborating. And you thought these games were rivals? Ha!

This was suddenly announced today at a Phantasy Star Online 2 event in Tokyo. According to Famitsu and 4Gamer, the Final Fantasy XIV incarnation of Odin will appear this summer in PSO2 as an enemy boss character.

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We had GamesMaster in the nineties. Thumb Bandits in the noughties. Now, in the twenty-tens, we’ve got Go 8 Bit.

Comedian, TV presenter and Metal Gear Solid lover Dara O Briain hosts Go 8 Bit, a new six-part series for Dave based on the live Edinburgh show of the same name.

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