The latest gaming headlines including: Minecraft porn, Fire Emblem censorship, Nintendo theme park and more. Plus, a discussion about Final Fantasy XV and a look at the latest trailer from that game.

Today on Final Encounter Cast, the crew announces plans to take the show to a weekly schedule starting in March of 2016 and introduces and new face and voice to the show Intern Len. As always FEC is breaking down the latest in gaming news like changes being made to Fire Emblem Fates, Take-Two Interactive being sued over use of tattoo art and Minecraft porn…yeah, it’s a real thing. Plus, a big discussion about Final Fantasy XV and it’s complete lack of ‘Final Fantasy-ness’. Do you think this is a good or bad change? Listen to the discussion and drop a comment in our comment section below.

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One comment on “Episode 08 – The Decline of Western Civilization

  1. RE: Turn-Based Gameplay

    Okay, anyone who may think that the turn-based system is neither strategic nor tactical. outdated, or boring. has yet to attempt the newly released “Darkest Dungeon”. See how far you get in that by just repeatedly pressing “attack”…

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