The FEC crew breaks down the SAG/AFTRA strike on the video game industry with special guest David Hayter. Plus an end cap to our Metal Gear Solid V conversation from the last episode. Come learn why #PerformanceMatters

The Crew runs down on all the latest gaming headlines, including the announcement of the Nintendo NX Console\Handheld Hybrid. Today Final Encounter Cast welcomes its first guest to the program, David Hayter, the revered voice actor for Solid Snake and Big Boss from the Metal Gear franchise join the crew as they conduct and in-depth conversation on the SAG/AFTRA strike against the gaming industry and what that could mean for literally every game in development. What are actors asking for and what are the game companies even considering considering? How did this relationship begin? What happens if the strike is initiated? All of these question and more are addressed in the epic 45 minute interview with David Hayter. We also finish our discussion about Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain and “Never Be Game Over”.

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One comment on “Episode 04 – Why #PerformanceMatters with David Hayter

  1. Justin Tarlow Oct 26, 2015

    I have been following this movement since the very beginning. This is a very important topic to me because not only it affects the voice actors that are professionals but also to anyone who is trying to get into the business as well. I am a amateur voice actor that did a few podcasts and radio works as I did different characters for those shows in the past. I never got paid for them since it was volunteer work. I am really glad that Mr. Hayter is taking a stance about this and it’s very good that they have someone representing them in order to negotiate a deal in case certain video games do hit a status. Look at Fallout 4 already, it’s getting gold status and they did not sell a copy yet. #performancematters people!

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